Case Study

The Challenge

Initial implementation of Maximo for May Gurney (by third party company) hasn’t been done with scalability and resilience in mind. With constant growth of client business, new functionality has been introduced including various integrations with external systems. Also, number of concurrent users has raised exponentially. Previous service provider didn’t manage to update infrastructure to follow these trends which led to inevitable issue with performance of various components.

The Solution

After short assessment of client’s environment, we have identified bottlenecks in the system and put a plan together for update of infrastructure including Database, middleware as well as Maximo specific settings by best practices. Maximo single instance has been implemented as three separate clusters running over 4 separate virtual hosts. Database implementation has been improved to cope with large number of transactions and Maximo configuration has been done by best practices.

The Result

System single point of failures have been removed. System has been made scalable and processing has been distributed to number of independent nodes which led to increase of system performance for over 40% and system has been made stable with no downtimes due to app server memory issues or database resources overload.

Client Name: May Gurney

Project Name: Infrastructure Redesign

Revenue: 800 million GBP

Employees: 5,923

Operating Income: 18 million GBP

I have worked with InspireSoft on very complex Maximo and WebSphere upgrade projects. The Inspiresoft team managed to overcome many complex issues, which led to a very successful project delivery.

Darren Gladden

Head of Operations, May Gurney