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InspireSoft has participated in many complex software development and implementation projects in enterprise industry over the course of 10 years. We gathered enterprise grade software patterns and practices and blended it with the modern stack to produce masterpiece software development platform. The purpose of the platform is to reduce development time by as much as 80% when building enterprise grade business solutions on modern stack with built-for-cloud, stable and scalable platform. Scroll down to check platform core features and click on the icons to drill into the feature details.

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Advanced Application Designer

Build all your desktop applications using our amazing drag-and-drop designer. Make use of large number of predefined controls or add new ones or simply just use any html code on your page. Define data binding, look and feel and business rules by using properties dialogs. For very advanced requirements, use java or scripting language to add your business logic.

Mobile App Builder

The mobile app builder comes packed with many great controls, and more are on the way! Combine and arrange them in any order using drag-and-drop to make beautiful and very functional mobile screens. Use properties dialog to configure data binding and data flow rules. Simply save changes and it gets distributed to all subscribed devices. The possibilities are countless.

Business Workflows

Implement your business processes by using simple but powerful Workflow Designer. Drag-and-drop business process route stops, connect and configure them using properties dialogs. Create new revisions, test and propagate changes live without system downtime. Unique zero coding approach for productivity excellence.

Powerful Dashboards

Have your key data on hand at all times. Choose from range of dashboard components, drag-and-drop to target dashboard and configure data source, user interface look and feel options within the properties dialog. Configure Authorisation for the dashboard, enable it and it’s live.

Database Management

Think of your database only in business context. Your database objects are your business entities. Use attractive user interface to design your data model and then create / configure your database on a button click. Use this database agnostic approach and never bother with database scripts again. Entire configuration and delta changes are captured in xml format (for continuous development) and gets translated to database script only prior execution phase with implementation for all popular relational databases.

Authorisation Management

Along with enterprise grade security, the platform comes with powerful Authorisation Framework. Use nice UI to configure your Security Groups (Roles), Users, grant access to applications, actions, dashboards and so on exclusively or using very flexible conditions and restrictions framework. Simple record save propagates changes to all users.

External Systems Integration

Integration module enables you to integrate your business processes running on The Platform to virtually any External System. You simply define data model and join it with Inbound or Outbound Channel for data flow in or out the system. Use advanced rules for data transformation and manipulation in both directions. Get notified about any integration errors and review / update / re-submit messages using Error Handling application.

Powerful Reporting

Use  drag-and-drop designer to create your business report and configure the data binding, transformation and manipulation formulas. Use The Platform Reporting Application to set domains, lookups and display rules for parameters in line with your business context. Set security on the report to enable / disable access exclusively or conditionally for any business entity or application or a group. Run report to view it as HTML or export it to one of 13 available formats including pdf, word, excel and more.

Scheduled Tasks, Alerts and Alarms

Use our Scheduled Tasks, Alerts and Alarms framework to automate key business or technical processes. Configure the system to react on value changes, readings etc. Execute one or set of predefined business or technical actions including dashboard email or text notifications in flexible fashion using conditions framework.

Deploy to Cloud, Scale indefinitely

The Platform is designed and built for cloud. It can be deployed to private or public cloud including Amazon Web Services. It scales indefinitely as any modern cloud application to support high number of users and enterprise business needs .

Development Framework

The Platform is unique Development Framework as well. While vast majority of requirements can be easily implemented by using configuration options, The Platform allows extension of virtually any module, functionality and feature. For Developers, there is a choice of technologies including Java enriched by Spring Framework and JSE Scripts execution on Server side, then JavaScript enriched html on client side (AngularJS Controls and Services) or Ionic 2 Component for Mobile Applications.

Business Focused

InspireSoft works with large enterprises for over 10 years and platform features are inspired by real requirements we had for many years working for blue chip companies and based on best industry and technology practices, all combined with modern stack. The platform with all of it’s features is focused on development of business solutions that can be isolated on various levels to enable development of independent but integrated business solutions by different groups of developers that will still work well in integrated environment.

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