The dashboards can be a powerful tool for executives as well as for technical team. Dashboards summarize information and present an easily digestible view of business or system performance to help decision-makers. One of the key aspects of a real-time dashboard is the ability to automatically refresh the data behind visualizations and dashboards

Drag-and-drop design and Access Authorization

Just as all other visual UI elements, the dashboards are created and positioned via simple drag-and-drop. Dashboard data formulas get configured via properties and scripts. Access to dashboards is managed via System Security and Authorization Framework.

Charts in Applications

All Dashboard components including charts are available to drag and drop in all applications other than dashboards application. This means that charts can be added and configured for other apps to display application record specific visual data.

Dashboard Data Scripts

Dashboard data gets fetched and transformed using system built-in scripting IDE available via Platform UI. There is entire framework created around data fetch and transformation to enable creation of very powerful interactive charts and graphs.

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