Application Management and Design

All applications on The Platform get created and managed using provided Application Management app. User can configure various application options including content of menus, menu actions access, conditional access to any UI element and much more. Application look and feel including all properties for every UI element get managed via drag-and-drop designer and properties dialogs. Simple configuration save click propagates changes to all users without system downtime.

Wide Range Of Predefined Controls and Templating Mechanism

The Platform is equipped with over 30 predefined UI controls / elements which should be more than enough to satisfy any of your requirements. We are working on adding new advanced controls and also there is very powerful framework for adding new UI controls by following simple steps. For improved look and feel, we have Native Control that enables adding custom HTML on the screen for even better user experience. UI Templating is one of very cool features as well – it enables you to save any pattern that you designed so that you can use it on various places and then if you update UI Template definition, the change gets propagate wherever that template is used.

Dialogs Management

Manage all application dialogs via simple UI Application. Design UI templates and associate them with dialogs to get dialog content. Then configure dialogs look and feel as well as business functionality.

UI Controls Framework

InspireSoft Platform is equipped with simple yet powerful framework for adding new UI controls where developer define the look and feel for each control and rules around positioning, control property input data validation, input mode etc. For advanced behaviour, developer can define JavaScript through amazing angular directives definition that can be stored in file (native) or stored in the system database and lazy loaded in UI when needed.

Menus, Lookups and Messages

UI Configuration package is also equipped with Menu Management application (where user can manage look and behaviour of all Platform Menus), Lookup Application (where user can manage look and behaviour of all Platform Lookup Dialogs) and Message Management application (where administrator can manage all system and user messages, localization etc.)

Continous Development

InspireSoft Platform is designed for continous development. For example, screen templates get simply exported in xml format ready for import to another environment on a button click or automated system action.

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