Database Management

InspireSoft Framework provides application for management of relational database. It enables creation, update, deletion of database objects, attributes, indexes, relationships and all other components and generally any change to data source via simple User Interface. The Platform administrator doesn’t have to have database language specific knowledge in order to manage data source.

Database Vendor Agnostic

InspireSoft Platform is designed as database agnostic application. This means that the platform works well with almost any relational database and we are supporting Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and DB2. Entire Database Configuration is held in The Platform Metadata and gets easily ported / merged to other environments via auto-generated (exported) XML configuration files.

Live Deployment

Majority of database changes can be propagated without taking the system down and without logging users out. After running Apply Configuration Changes action, all changes get propagated to all members of clusters immediately.

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