External Systems Integration

Implementing solutions on InspireSoft Platform into your existing set of business applications is even easier because we offer extensive Integration Framework as a part of our system. Integration Framework enables intuitive and natural integration of new business processes into your existing business landscape. Scroll down for more details.

Data Model

Data model application allows definition of data structure for inbound or outbound data flow. Hierarchy gets defined using parent-child relationship using Database Management Relationships. Persistent and in memory fields can be used in hierarchy as well as data model specific calculated fields. For developers, we provide ability to add data transformation logic by using Java code with hooks at appropriate data flow points.

Inbound And Outbound Channels

Inbound and Outbound channels are used to define rules around processing of data that is been sent or received by the platform. It defines on which events outbound data will be triggered, and also allows transformation using XSLT or Java hooks for developers. Drag and Drop business rules feature is being added to these applications for future releases.

End Points

End Points application is used to define different external systems end points (usually as a web service even though we support various end points) to be used as a target for outbound data flow. Any of the system key events can be configured to send a message to unlimited number of external systems / end points.

Channel Groups

We group Inbound and Outbound Channels for the same external system into Channel Groups. This application allows definition of parameters such as queue mechanism (or no queue), type and behaviour of queue, shared logic and similar. It also enables simple enable / disable of entire integration for given external system. 

Error Management

Errors in message flow or transformation are captured in Error Management application. Every error can be reviewed, message content can be reviewed, updated, resubmitted or deleted. Integration administrator can get notified via email or dashboard message when an error occurs and then use this application to handle the error.

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