UI Development Framework

InspireSoft Platform UI is based on AngularJS. We opened platform development environment to developers extensions. Developers can create their own custom Angular Controllers, Services, Directives, Constants etc. in files and link them to front end HTML or use our Dynamic components definition via front end IDE without ever creating JavaScript or HTML file. For all of our components such as applications, data sources, fields and so on, we provide base controller that can be extended and it’s methods can be overridden to add reach UI features. Also, there is number of services for various purposes including communication with server, notifications, alerts, data management, on screen actions a

Server Side Development Framework

InspireSoft Server side is based on Spring Framework. We exposed all key points for developers so that server side behaviour can be extended as needed. Every data source object has specific Set and single object Java classes associated to it that can be extended and the platform can be pointed to new classes then. Most of the functions that get called in the system can be extended. On the top of that, we have JavaScript framework for server side hook events where developer can write JavaScript code from UI provided IDE and changes get propagated throughout cluster on simple Save button click.


Domain is set of valid value entries for a field. The Platform supports definition of various types of domains including simple Alphanumeric or Numeric domains to Data Source and range domains.


Lookup is a definition of domain display in the dialog list. User/administrator can configure options such as the fields to display, headers, page sizes, dialog sizes, ordering and filtering. 


All system messages including notifications, alerts, exceptions and so on are defined using a message key and message group. Using UI, administrator can configure number of properties for each message including apperance in the message dialog or toast, buttons on the dialog, button actions and so on. Also, this enabled localisation of all messages in the system. 

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